Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Begin Preparing for College and Careers Now!

No matter what grade level, all students should prepare themselves for their college or career studies. Many students would like to attend college after high school to earn their Bachelor's degree, while others will pursue one or two year programs for a career, which will grant a certificate in a field of study. Nevertheless, students should always take their current high school studies seriously and try to earn good grades. Instead of viewing classes as tedious work, students should consider them as an investment in their future, and all classes prepare them for their next step in life.

Some students ask if they should attend a full university immediately after high school graduation or enroll in a community college for their first two years of study. This answer depends on many conditions, but each student must weigh and consider his or her financial situation and program choices. Financial aid ranks as one of the most important issues for attending college, and if students can afford studying at a four year university, then they should seize the opportunity. Yet, attending a community college offers many advantages, such as low cost, close proximity to home, and many career programs. Students should begin their planning for this decision in their early high school years, but also have options and alternatives if one plan does not appear favorable.

Students, begin to investigate colleges and careers now during high school. Talk to counselors and teachers to solicit information about post-high school studies. Remember, an educated person means a better person!